Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Constantinian Dynasty

Constantine the Great 324-337
Constantius II 337-361
Constans I 337-350
Julian the Apostate 361-363

Non Dynastic

Jovian 363-364

Valentinian Dynasty

Valentinian I 364-375
Valens 364-378
Gratian 378-379

Theodosiian Dynasty

Theodosius I the Great 379-395
Arcadius, 395-408
Marcian, 450-457

Leonid Dynasty

Leo I., 457-474
Zeno, 474-491
Anastasius I., 491-518

Justinian Dynasty

Justin I., 518-527
Justin II., 565-578
Tiberius II., Constantinus, 578-582
Maurice, 582-602


Phocas, 602-610

Heraclian Dynasty

Heraclius, 610-641
Heraclius Constantinus and Heracleonas, 641-2
Constans II., 642-668
Constantine IV., 668-685
Justinian II., 685-695
Leontius, 695-697
Tiberius III., Apsimarus, 697-705
Justinian II. (restored), 705-711

20 Years of Anarchy

Philippicus, 711-713
Anastasius II., Artemius, 713-715
Theodosius III., 715-717

Isaurian Dynasty

Leo III., the Isaurian, 717-740
Constantine V., Kopronymus, 740-775
Leo IV., 775-779
Constantine VI., 779-797
Irene, 797-802

Nikephorian Dynasty

Nikephorus I., 802-811
Stauracius, 811
Michael I., Rhangabe, 811-813


Leo V., the Armenian, 813-820

Amorian Dynasty

Michael II., the Amorian, 820-829
Theophilus, 829-842
Michael III. the Drunkard, 842-867

Macedonian Dynasty

Basil I., the Macedonian, 867-886
[Co-regent Emperors—
Alexander, 912-913
Romanus I., Lecapenus, 919-945]
Romanus II., 958-963
[Co-regent Emperors—
Constantine VIII., 1025-28


Michael VI., Stratioticus, 1056-57

Komnenian Dynasty

Isaac I., Komnenos, 1057-59

Doukas Dynasty

Constantine X., Doukas, 1059-67
[Co-regent Emperor—

Komnenian Dynasty

Alexius I., Komnenos, 1081-1118
John II., Komnenos, 1118-43
[Co-regent Emperor—
Alexios., Komnenos, 1122-1142]
Alexius V., Mourtzouphlos Doukas, 1204

Latin Emperors - the Frankokratia 

Nicaean Emperors in Exile - Laskarids

John III., Doukas, Vatatzes, 1222-54
Theodore II., Laskaris, 1254-59
John IV., Laskaris, 1259-60

Empire Restored to Constantinople

Andronikos III., Paleologus, 1328-41

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Life at the Top

Manuel I KomnenosThe last chariot race in Constantinople was in the huge courtyard of the Blachernae palaces for the wedding of a prince of the Angelid Dynasty in 1200.  The wedding cost a fortune and the people had to pay a special tax to cover the cost.Emperor John I Tzimiskes, the murderer of his uncle Nikephorus II Phocas in his bed in the Boukoleon Palace.  John married his uncle's wife, who was his co-conspirator in the assassination.

Basil the Bulgar Killer

Basil II the Bulgar Slayer and Never-Married, probably gay. Left the treasury full of gold and silver.  Died in his bed and got the last available tomb in Constantine's Mausoleum in the Church of the Holy Apostles.

Marie of Antioch, a very pretty French Princess, was the second wife of Manuel I Komnenos.  Murdered by Manuel's cousin, Andronikos I, who starved her to death.  He also murdered her son with Manuel, Alexios, too.  Poor boy, they strangled him when he was 15 and Andronikos took his 11 year-old wife as his own.

Constantine Monomachos, wasted the money left by Basil II on hand-outs to his friends, mistresses and big building projects.  Married to Zoë who loved making her own perfumes and cosmetics in the palace.  Her potions worked and she looked like a girl into her late 60's.  She killed her first husband, Romanos, in his bath.

Manuel II Paleologus - traveled to London and Paris to get help to save the empire.  The Muslim Turks thought he looked like the Prophet Mohammed.  Married very late and had 9 children, including the twilight emperor, Constantine - the Last.