Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

In the 1980s the French collector Pierre de Gigord traveled to Turkey and collected thousands of Ottoman-era photographs in a variety of media and formats. The resulting Pierre de Gigord Collection is now housed in the Getty Research Institute, which recently digitized over 12,000 of the nineteenth - and early twentieth - century photographs, making them available to study and download for free online. I have assembled a collection of images of Tekfur Sarayi for your enjoyment.  These images were high resolution so I was able to zoom in and get more detail for you.  This was an amazing palace.  It was the home of Constantine and Eirene Palaiologos, an oblong palace was built around 1261 between two walls which descend from the Porta Xylokerkou for a short distance, towards the Golden Horn. Its long sides, facing respectively north and South, are transverse to the walls, while its short western and eastern sides rest, at the level of the second story, upon the summit of the walls. Its roof and upper floors have vanished. The whole surface of the building was decorated with beautiful patterns in brick and stone mosaic. The many windows of the palace are framed in marble and their were graceful balconies on the east and south, which looked out over the superb views the lofty position of the palace commanded.  Unfortunately the remains of the  place were destroyed in an infamous "restoration" to turn it into an Ottoman tile museum and modern exhibition space.  There is a special place in hell for the people responsible that this nightmare.  I have another page on it here.

Bob AtchisonPalace of the Porphyrogenitus - Tekfur Sarayi

Tekfur Sarayi right arched entrance

Tekfur Sarayi  Left Arcade

Tekfur Sarayi right side second floor

Tekfur Saray - second floor windows

Tekfur Sarayi - second floor windows

Tekfur Sarayi - passage on wall

Palace of the Porphyrogenitus - Tekfur Sarayi

Palace of the Porphyrogenitus - Tekfur Sarayi

Palace of the Porphyrogenitus - Tekfur Saray

Tekfur Sarayi - Palace of the Porphyrogenitus

Palace of the Porphyrogenitus - Tekfur Sarayi - Getty

Tekfur Sarayi - Blachernae

Foundations T-ekfur Sarayi

Facade of the Palace of the Porphyrogenitus with people

People standing on Tekfur Sarayi

people standing on the Palace of the Porphyrogenitus

People standing on the walls of Constantinople

Tekfur Sarayi and Blachernai Walls of Manuel I

Palace of the Porphyrogenitus - overlooking the walls of Constantinople

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