We have a new page of incredible videos by Lars Brownworth on YouTube - check them out. I just discovered them and they have been around for a couple of years.  Let's hope Lars creates more.

My old friend, Tayfun Oner, has a website called Byzantium 1200 with computer reconstructions of many of the monuments of Constantinople.  He has made some incredible, amazing video recreations of the city - here are a few of them.

Bob Atchison


The Column in Constantine Forum in Constantinople

The Porphyry Column of Constantine in his forum in Constantinople

Statue of Constantine on his column in Constantinople

The Statue of Constantine - it fell from his column in the 12th century and the Emperor Manuel I replaced it with a cross.

Here's an picture of Tayfun Oner below - he's a genius.

Tayfun Oner of Byzantium 1200