Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Tayfun Oner, has a website called Byzantium 1200 with computer reconstructions of many of the monuments of Constantinople.  He has made some incredible, amazing video recreations of the city - here are a few of them.

Bob Atchison

Meet Bob Atchison - the Creator of this Website

I am an icon painter, Russian Historian and Austin Web Designer formerly of Seattle, Washington and now living in Austin, Texas. My interest in Byzantium and icons began when I was 8 years old and read my first book on Byzantium called "The Fall of Constantinople".

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The Column in Constantine Forum in Constantinople

The Porphyry Column of Constantine in his forum in Constantinople

Statue of Constantine on his column in Constantinople

The Statue of Constantine - it fell from his column in the 12th century and the Emperor Manuel I replaced it with a cross.

Here's an picture of Tayfun Oner below - he's a genius.

Tayfun Oner of Byzantium 1200