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You should update your Flash Player too

Many users have updated, or should update to the latest browser versions for an optimal web experience. Generally, all the leading browsers had big new releases in late March 2011 -- many timed their product launches to SXSW the big interactive, film and music festival held annually in Austin, TX each spring.

Firefox is now on version 4, Internet Explorer is now on version 9, and Google Chrome is on version 10.

Recent advances in browsers have included improving the speed of JavaScript engines to speed up pages and web applications built with AJAX and other advanced web technologies. The most recent releases have also added support for HTML 5 and its evolving standards to improve the web experience.

Most users will want to upgrade to the latest browsers because they are faster, safer, and provide a richer web experience.

All that said, users should also upgrade their browsers to the latest flash players. Adobe also has updated their players to address security, speed issues, and to improve overall performance.

What even tech savvy users may not realize is that they should really visit Adobe's website using each browser they plan on using on the internet, in order to get the updates for that particular browser.

Updating your flash player on Firefox doesn't also update it in Internet Explorer. You should visit the update site twice -- once using Firefox and once using Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome nicely updates the flash player for you when needed.

Updating all your software regularly is very important in the web connected, social networked,  "computer always on" world we live in.

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