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    We'll help you register your domain on the web.  We'll help you search and find options.  We are really good at this - we know all of the variables and different ways your domain name can be chosen and we know how to register it for maximum Google and search engine advantage.  Four, five years from now we'll help you pick domain names and help you manage them over time.

    Select Your Hosting

    Pallasart will help you find exactly the right hosting solution for you, and one that fits your business needs. Hosting is incredibly cheap and reliable these days, but it does make a difference who you pick.  Some companies are better at service and support than others.  Also, it will want to get a secure certificate and the bandwidth to support your web traffic.

    The great thing is you don't have to know anything, we can walk you through everything and make sure you get the best price.

    Server Support

    When you do have a problem with your server and hosting, for example if your website has been hacked or stops working, we'll be there for you.  We can do a quick analysis of the problem, see whats wrong and fix it.  There is probably not a problem we haven't seen.  We have customers from small to big.  Some of them have huge online operations processing millions of customer requests and online sales.  Others are small business websites like Texas ranches and Maine resorts with online booking systems.

    Everyone's needs are different and we take care of our customers and that's another reason why they love us.

    Pallasart - our customers love us

    Ongoing Training

    Our website are incredibly simple to run and update.  We use the latest technologies, programming languages and plug-ins to make it easy for you to operate your online business on the web.

    Many websites we build are online brochures, which don't require much updating.  Text, images, videos - everything in an online brochure - it's all in our Content Management System.  Anyone can learn it in an hour or less.  When you add new staff - or maybe you have forgotten how to update something  - just call us and the training is free - and happily provided.  Other websites we build are complex with integrated payment and shipping systems.  We have built and support websites that manage sales inquiries with 100+ agents.  No matter what we have programmed for you, or how complex it is, we are here to help!

    Our Invitation

    Call us today - 512 547-7315 - and become a Pallasart customer, so we can add you to our roster of happy clients!

    Bob Atchison

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