Austin Retail and E-commerce websitesOnline sales continue to grow! 2018 will be a banner year for e-commerce on the web. Our website pricing is very competitive and we program sites using the very latest technologies

Pallasart creates its shopping carts in PHP - an open source programming language that is the web standard.  We don't use any third party systems or plug-ins, our shopping carts are unique, powerful, flexible and reliable.

We'll integrate your cart with social media like Facebook.  Your customers will be able to pin product images on Pinterest.  We can integrate your cart with Instagram.  You can have the payment system of your choice.  We are experts in the implementation of PayPal.

Pallasart programs complex payment systems like monthly subscriptions and split payments to vendors and resellers.  Call us and tell us about your online objectives and business requirements and we'll outline how we'll turn them into reality in a proposal.

Our shopping carts are incredibly easy to use and update. Call us and we'll give you a quick online tour of a sample site.  You'll see how you can manage virtually all aspects of your online business through our Content Management System.

Pallasart has a long record of success in building shopping carts for online retailers. We know what it takes to build an online store that's easy for you to manage and simple for your customers to use.

Pallasart is in a unique position to assist your company in achieving its online potential

We program our sites in PHP - the open source programming language used to create dynamic database driven websites.  This means it's easy to update your site over time with new features, and you can use anyone who knows PHP to work on or modify your website.

Using responsive design techniques we develop mobile-friendly websites that work across all of the latest smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

Pallasart's Content Management System - our CMS - is an amazing control panel that gives users access to site operations and allows them to make updates 24/7.

Our websites are easy to manage without knowledge of HTML. With just a few minutes each week, you can keep your site current with information about your business activities, products, services and new marketing programs. You can also add useful client tools to your site. Through a password-protected section of your site, your vendors or suppliers can review contracts, budgets, invoices etc.

We've designed a wide range of website features especially for retailers - ones that make sense for your objectives and will reflect the unique look and feel of your online business:

  • General information about your company
  • Auto-generated product categories
  • Products with pricing, availability option and cross-linking
  • Multiple product image options
  • Beautiful product data sheets that are automatically turned into PDFs
  • Automatic color option systems for products
  • Auto-calculating sales tax, shipping and handling
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Rotating product promotions
  • Rotating marketing messages
  • Product check-out, with or without auto credit card authorization
  • Complete integration with payment systems including PayPal.
  • Monthly product subscriptions with automatic billing and easy op-out systems
  • Facebook integration
  • Implementation of Instagram
  • Online sales database
  • Integration with inventory management databases
  • Gorgeous online newsletters
  • Downloadable PDF catalogs
  • Complete integration of third party mailing lists programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • Customer loyalty programs

We can redesign your logo, labels or even help you create a new identity for your company.

Perhaps this is your first website or it has been a long time since you upgraded your existing one. If you aren't sure what you need, we'll help you define your requirements and understand your options. Online retainers have unique needs for search, pricing and shipping.  Since we have a lot of experience with e-commerce websites, we can walk your through the whole process from concept to delivery. There are many new features and cool techniques used in website design today.  We can show you how to use them to optimize your website and reach the widest possible audience.  As a retailer or wine producer your number one goal is increasing sales, and a Pallasart website will help you achieve just that.

Call us in Austin at 512-469-7454 to discuss any additional tools or features that might interest you. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives and provide you with a price quote for a new site or a redesign of an existing one.  Our quote form is below.

Bob Atchison
President and Creative Director