• Make your Business Human - We'll Install Live Chat on your Website

    People chatting online - PallasartIf you are selling services or products in a website you should consider using a live chat.  If you are a store owner or sell online - even with only one staff person - live chat can help you increase sales at minimal expense and provide a better experience for your customers.

    There are a wide range of things you can do with live chat.  You can answer questions as people are looking at your products or services.  It works better than telephone customer service because one person can effectively manage a dozen or more 'chats' at one time.  You enlarge your customer service footprint without hiring more employees.  Many of the questions people ask are the same and you can even have lists of answers that you can copy and paste into chat windows as they happen.

    It's inexpensive and easy to implement. It will increase sales and help you understand your market and customers. You control when it's 'live'.

    If you aren't using it now and want to consider live chat, talk with us online to see how it works.  It is inexpensive for us to implement and set it up for you.  We can also create the custom features you might want. You can have your own graphics and custom messaging that matches your brand which we'll make for you when we create your website.  There are great reports that can tell you everything about how people are interacting with you on live chat and demographics on where they come from and the device they are using. Another cool thing is you can see if a live chant visitor has been to your website before, how long ago it was and what pages they have visited.  All of these features are easy to manage and change.

    We prefer Olark because it is inexpensive and easy to use, but we also implement LiveChat, Bold 360 and other programs.  These programs fit on multiple devices like tablets and smart phones.  Call us if you want to talk about live chat or any other website features or tools you are interested in implementing.

    Here's a screen shot so you can see how easy it is to use:

    Olark works in WordPress and most e-commerce systems.  They have a free 120 day trial and then it costs less than $20 a month.

    Call me and let's talk about implementing live chat on your website. 

    Bob Atchison
    President and Creative Director

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