Law Firm Websites for Austin and central Texas

We have just published a Checklist for Law Firms Looking for Web Designer, you can read it by clicking here.

Although we specialize in law practice websites for Austin and throughout the state of Texas, the online goals of law firms across the USA are very similar. Texas firms - and especially those in Austin - do have unique requirements from a branding standpoint.

We understand how law firms differ in the focus of their business.  This means the look and feel of your site design must be tailored to your clients and each field of practice you are involved in.

The size of a law firm can vary greatly, from a sole practitioner to hundreds of attorneys, and this will effect the size and complexity of a website.

Firms also may have different resources to manage their websites, and we design sites to meet the exact needs of each customer. While some firms have staff dedicated to manage their websites, most assign this responsibility to multi-tasked administrators.  Our sites are especially designed for this business environment.

Law firms use the Internet to provide information about services, experience, practice areas and personnel.

Pallasart is in a unique position to assist your firm in achieving its online potential

We program our sites in PHP - the open source software for the web.  This means it's easy to update your site over time with new features and you can use anyone who knows PHP to work on or modify your site.

We can develop smartphone versions of your site and Pallasart websites work across all of the latest browser versions.  All the websites we build are responsive - they auto fit on all devices from smartphones to tablets, notebooks and big monitors.

Our designs are tailored to attract the customers and clients you want.

Pallasart's Content Management System is an amazing control panel that gives you 24/7 access to your site

Our websites are easy to manage without knowledge of HTML. For just a few minutes each week, you can keep your site current with information about your business activities, products, services or new projects. You can also add useful client tools to your site. Through a password-protected section of your site, clients can review contracts, legal drafts and documents, budgets, forms or a project's status.

We've designed a wide range of website features for the legal profession:

  • General information about your company that can be as detailed as you want
  • Partner and other professional bios that can be organized by team, focus, seniority, etc.
  • Detailed branch office information with local management and central control
  • Informative areas of special practice and attached victories
  • Downloadable PDFs on your firm
  • Online audio interviews
  • Embedded video that's easy to manage, in multiple formats using the latest technology
  • Virtual seminars and conferences
  • Total and effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Interactive online presentations and slide shows
  • Password-protected client or project management tools
  • Rotating marketing messages about your firm
  • Firm news and announcements
  • Recruiting tools
  • Integration with mailing list programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Integration in appropriate ways with Facebook
  • Smart maps and directions
  • Interactive Contact information
  • Professional memberships and resource databases

We can redesign your logo or help you create a new identity for your firm or practice.

Don't worry if you aren't sure what you need, we'll help you define your requirements and understand your options.  There are many new features and innovative methods used in website design today and we can show you how to use them to make your site as effective as possible to grow your firm's business.

Call us in Austin at 512-547-7315 to discuss any additional tools or features that might interest you.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives and provide you with a price quote for a new site or a redesign of an existing one.  Our quote form is below.