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Hummingbird Farms Upgrades Images on their Website

The famous maker of body lotions upgrades their website

Hummingbird Farms sells its products through their online store and website,  QVC and Amazon. Their founder and beautiful spokesperson, Debi Williams, has become a celebrity through her TV appearances and YouTube videos.  Recently Pallasart has revamped the entire website with much bigger product images.  Besides increasing images sizes by 150%, we also placed all of the main product images on plain white backgrounds.  Before, we had individual product images on vignettes of things like spa interiors and bedrooms.  These images were difficult to create and took a lot of time.  It the end, it was concluded that the vignettes were distracting and made it difficult to focus on the products themselves.  Placing the product images on white made them look much fresher and clean, very important attributes for an organic lotion company.  Gifts were also redesigned and improved.  Gifts - all product combinations with discounts - now have huge horizontal images.  Image sizes for gifts increased 500% in size.  Gift images are photographed with natural backgrounds.

Online customers responded very positively to the improvements to the shopping experience on the website.  Below are some screen shots of the changes.  If you'd like to see the product image upgrades on their website you can click here.

Bob Atchison

Austin Texas Web Design