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Keller Williams Real Estate Agent Website Created

Pallasart launches new website for Matthew Church, an Austin Keller Williams Associate.

We worked closely with Matthew and Keller Williams - Austin to design and program a site that was rich with Keller Williams imagery and content that shows Matthew's dedication to his customers and profession.  The website is bright, clean and full of top-notch images from Keller Williams and premium Adobe Stock photos.  Pallasart combined our own copy with Keller Williams's to craft a unique blend of professional content with copy that reflected Matthew's own 'voice' and personality.

There were several databases created expressly for the website.  The first was Pallasart's own CMS (Content Management System) that allows our customers to manage and update their own websites.  The second was a version of own own unique MLS PLUS like system for listing properties within ones own website, a critical factor in ensuring the success of any real estate website.  When you list a home for sale within your own website, iand on your domain name's URL - it will continue to bring you traffic long after a home has been sold.  Listings that are drawn directly from the MLS have no lasting benefits as far as search engines are concerned, as the listing will disappear when the property is sold.  They only have value as tools for your website visitor to use to hunt though the same information that all of your competitors use.  It has a one-time value each time a web visitor uses it.  Every real estate site has to have an See MLS Listings option, but the added value of your own listings just makes the value of your domain and website grow month after month.  If you add 8 homes a month to your own listings you would have nearly 100 listings in a year that Google will love and will bring you web visitors who have been searching for the cities and neighborhoods in your listings.

The new Matthew Church website also has MLS listings included.  Pallasart also added fun and interesting city and neighborhood information that Matthew can easily change and expand.  There are other features - like mortgage calculators, downloadable guides along with other tools and features Keller Williams provides its agents.

If you are looking for a real estate related website, we can build websites that are commercial, residential or both.  We can program databases for rental units, subdivisions and apartment complexes.  At a higher level we can program real estate investment and construction company websites.  Every company has its own unique needs and we focus on understanding your business objectives for a site and your own unique brand story prior to starting any new project.  Call us at (512) 469-7454 and we can discuss your web project and give you a pricing proposal.

Bob Atchison