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Why Would Any Companies Still Use IE6?

Google Apps,, and others have all dropped support for Internet Explorer 6. Many modern websites don't render or behave correctly on IE6. As discussed here previously, France, Germany, and top security experts have all advised against using the old and outdated browser for its security vulnerabilities. So why would any companies still use IE6?

IT Expert Voice did some research to see what the top reasons were in this entertaining article:

Top reasons they found included:

1) They Don't Upgrade Anything

"Many small and medium businesses have no clue when it comes to keeping their systems secure. I have found so many systems with expired anti-virus because the business owner either did not want to pay for more anti-virus or did not even know that it was expired." In other words, user ignorance is a prime issue. But so is the reluctance to upgrade. "There are still companies that still have some systems running versions of Windows older than Windows XP, which are also extremely insecure,"

2) One Critical IE6-Only Application Holds Them Back

3) Why Do Software Maintenance? It Isn't Broken!

" does an IT department convince business leaders to spend a lot of money to get what they already have?"

4) IE6 as User Control

"they don't have to care if IE6 looks ugly with CNN or if it crashes when you access YouTube. They don't want their employees hanging out on CNN or visiting YouTube in the first place!"

When launching a new website, one should be aware that there maybe a handful of users who will be using such old technology and computers that they may have difficulty fully accessing and enjoying your website. Companies and people still using IE6 will likely not be able to view pages incorporating innovative and stadards based web design properly.

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