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Twitter Accounts to Follow During SXSW in Austin, TX

It's SXSW time in Austin, TX again, and there are tons of unofficial free parties and events going on around town. Most of the parties have live music, and many have free drinks and food too

How do you find out about all these great events? Twitter is probably the best resource for finding up to date information on the ongoing events and parties. There are numerous SXSW focused Twitter accounts that primarily tweet SXSW related information.

Note the official SXSW account is:


Here are some of the top SXSW focused Twitter accounts to follow during your stay in Austin, TX.


The above Twitter users are not affiliated with the official SXSW organization. They are SXSW fans that try to provide fun, helpful updates on all the activities and events going on during SXSW week in Austin, Texas.

You may find out how the lines are going by viewing posts with #SXLines , find free swag with #SXswag , find free drinks with #SXdrinks - find feree food with #SXFN - read SXSW Tips at #SXSWtips and #SXNoobs

Austin's a fun and welcoming town. Enjoy you stay during SXSW, and see you again next year!

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