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Top Fitness Websites for Getting in Shape

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, it is that time of year that many people start making their New Year's resolutions for the upcoming year. Getting in shape, exercising more, and eating better are often at the top of many resolution lists.

The internet is full of informative websites that can help people meet their fitness goals. Here are some health and fitness websites that may help you keep your resolutions and meet your 2013 exercise and nutrition goals.

Livestrong - the Austin, Texas based charity founded to help fight cancer, also sponsors an excellent website full of articles and resources outlining how people can live healthier lives. They have a useful calorie tracking tool called MyPlate.

MyFitnessPal - provides a free food diary for calorie tracking with a large food database with nutritional data on millions of items. They also provide calorie tracking apps for Android and iPhones. Finally, they have a supportive community of users and active discussion forums.

Eat This, Not That - this website is an offshoot of the Men's Health articles and popular line of books that compare meal options and try to provide healthier solutions for many restaurant dishes and grocery store items. If you are wanting to make smarter eating choices in 2013, you might want to spend some time reading the articles on this website.

Men's Fitness - it's also a subscription magazine, however, it's website provides many heath, workout and nutrition articles for free online. -- while your goals may not include looking like a body builder.  This website has a strong user community called BodySpace. Many of these users have had impressive and motivational body transformations that can be used as inspiration for anyone trying to get in shape.

Those are just a few of the many websites devoted to helping people improve their health through exercise and by making better eating choices.

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