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To Predict iPad's Future, Let's Look at iPhone's Past

It's too early to say whether the iPad will be a hit or a miss. I can definitely see "potential" there, but frankly I'm a little underwhelmed with this generation's features. I DO see the real potential of using it as a virtual book reader (similar to the Kindle) or for viewing magazines. So maybe it can resurrect publishing into living in the 21st century, just as the iPod has already revolutionized music.

There have already been many criticism's leveled at it, including it's lack of multitasking, lack of camera, and lack of a card reader. Will Apple correct these shortcomings?

It is interesting to look at the criticism's of the original iPhone back in 2007, and see what issues have been addressed since then. Read endgadget's review roundup of the original iPhone.

The original iPhone didn't even run on 3G, had no copy and paste, no video, no MMS, and no Flash support. WIth the exception of its enduring and ridiculous lack of Flash support, Apple has resolved the other iPhone issues with hardware and software revisions made during the 2.5 years since it's first release.

So maybe all the iPad needs is a little time.

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