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Tips for installing Apple iOS5 with Error Code 3200

If you receive error code 3200 when installing iOS5, try these tips

Here's some advice if you are having trouble updating to Apple iOS5 and receiving the dreaded "error code 3200" that so many people seem to be having a problem with. I tried to update my iPhone 4 numerous times on a PC that had the current version of iTunes installed -- and each time after the painfully slow initial back up of files, I would receive an error code 3200. That particular code isn't covered in any of Apple's help documentation. From searching around the web, it seems that others were having this same issue as well.

It's particularly frustrating just because it takes so long to get to the point where the error appears -- it happens after the initial download and backup. It's surprising since I've never had any issue with updates before, and I have an unmodified phone and up-to-date computer system. I must have retried 4 times before I even attempted some of the tips I found on the internet. Not 100% sure exactly what the issue might be, but after following the following tips I was able to get it to install.

Tips for installing iOS5 is you are receiving error code 3200:

AFTER you receive the error code alert, then follow these tips -- might as well do ALL of them at once:

1) Move iPhone to a different USB port

2) Disconnect any unnecessary USB devices (obviously you do need an internet connection if you use a USB modem, and you also need a keyboard/mouse)

3) Put iPhone in "Airplane mode"

4) Restart iPhone completely

5) Restart computer completely

6) Temporarily disable any antivirus software

Then try the update again.

Since it is not clear from Apple exactly what this error message means, it is possible that it's merely a temporary problem communicating with Apple's servers. The servers may just be VERY busy. So if in doubt, try again or wait for an off peak hour to attempt your update.

After completing all 6 steps above, I was able to install the iOS5 update.

Note, the entire process is very LONG and takes a long time to complete even after the point where you received the initial error. I'd say it took well over an hour. Make sure you have plenty of time to attempt the update.

Even once iOS5 was installed, I had to "restore" a second time to get all my files, as I also received an error at the end of the initial process.

Hope these tips help :)

Oh, and remember to take yourself out of "airplane mode" when you are done!

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