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The Big Pile of Boxes in My Garage

And why I love Amazon!

My Delivery GuyToday we learned that Governor Perry vetoed taxes on sales by online retailers.  I read in the press that Amazon, a Seattle-based company with $34 billion in annual sales, was the main target of the bill. No sales tax will save me money. I am a huge customer of Amazon going back years and years.  I buy just about everything from them;  books, food, DVDs, TVs, computer equipment.  The prices are incredible and it is just so easy to order.  I have lots of things on monthly delivery, especially coffee and cereal.  I can order 24-7 and they show up at the front door a few days later.

I don't pay for shipping much - I suppose I order so much at a time that I get it delivered for free.  My delivery guy has been the same for years and my Amazon packages usually arrive at the same time everyday.  It's very convenient.

I really use the reviews on Amazon and have posted a few myself.  The reviews have saved me time and time again in making buying mistakes.  I have been ugrading my movie collection from DVDs to BluRay.  Sometimes the BluRays are not superior to the old DVDs and reviews have helping to avoid the bad ones.

I only have one complaint about Amazon deliveries are the boxes.  I get so many of them they pile up in my garage.  I should cut them up and bundle them, but I end up tossing them in a corner until the pile reaches the ceiling.

Bob Atchison

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