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Remind Me Not to Give Apple Millions in Free Publicity

CNET covers the recent police raid and seizure of Gizmodo's computers/cell phones/storage, over Gizmodo's recent coverage of a lost Apple iPhone 4G prototype:

While it could be argued that Gizmodo's $5,000 payment to the person who found the prototype was perhaps ill-advised -- the story as told in the Gizmodo articles alleged that the person who found the phone indeed attempted to return it to Apple, but was rebuffed.

As this story has been the top of all tech news for most of the month, one could argue that Apple has benefited from millions of dollars in free publicity and speculation surrounding this new to be announced in June.

In return for all this free publicity, the online journalist of a respected and widely read blog had his door busted down and his computers/cell phones/storage seized -- all in apparent violation of state and federal laws designed to protect the press from such search warrants -- subpoenas are supposed to be used in such instances.

Remind me not to give Apple free publicity on upcoming products.

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