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More Adobe Drops Mobile Flash Dev

ZDNet's comments and Occupy Flash Movement

Yesterday we published a long blog article on this subject.  This morning I found an interesting online article on the same subject.  It was wriitten by Todd Pasternack, Senior Director of Creative Technology at Pointroll, as a special to ZDNet.  You can read the complete article by clicking here.

"So what does the future hold for Flash? I imagine Flash eventually being used more as a creative tool than a delivery format. As Adobe continues to put more effort into exporting HTML5-ready assets from Flash Pro, it tells me the swf may be slowly dying for desktop, too. Tools like Adobe Edge and Sencha are quickly hitting the marketplace to provide designers an interface that will create experiences in a similar fashion to working within Flash Pro. Even content provider's video players are beginning to support HTML5 while members of the IAB are racing to add definitions to the VPAID standard to leverage JavaScript. And if ITV's and Gaming consoles eventually support the standard with an HTML5-supported browser environment, we'll see the final move away from Flash."

It's very interesting that Computerworld reports the foundation of an "Occupy Flash" movement that wants the plug-in dead. At first I though this article was a joke, but it turns out the group really exixts.  The read the Computerworld article go here.

"...And the group didn't mince words why it was after Flash Player.

"Flash Player is dead. Its time has passed. It's buggy. It crashes a lot. It requires constant security updates," said the Occupy Flash site. "It's a fossil, left over from the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of Web technology."...

Occupy Flash urged browser users to uninstall Flash Player, and provided instructions for both Windows and Mac OS X users to do so. It also called on developers on stop using Flash in future projects, and encouraged users to upgrade to a browser that supports HTML5."

We will continue to bring you more on this topic as it evolves.

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