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How QR Codes Can Help People Find Your Website

QR codes (abbreviation for Quick Response codes) are two dimensional matrix barcodes that have become a very popular method for allowing smartphone users to quickly scan a QR code on printed materials and automatically be directed to a website without having to type in a long URL.

QR codes actually have a wide variety of possible applications. You can setup individual QR codes to include:

  • A link to a website
  • A link to a YouTube Video
  • Telephone Numbers
  • SMS Message
  • Plain Text
  • A link to a Google Map

There are endless places you can display QR codes to help advertise your website and contact info:

  • The back of your business card.
  • Marketing and sales brochures
  • Product packaging
  • Signs and banners
  • Event tickets
  • The sides of vehicles

Free QR code reader apps are available for most smartphones. This capability is integrated into Android phones, and iPhones can use free apps like Google (by taking a photo to search) or Red Laser.

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