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Home, Fashion and Web Color Trends

Learn about the latest in color trends to keep your home, wardrobe, and website current and fresh.

Home sweet home may be a cliché, but when you step through your front door it should be just that - sweet. Sweet, relaxing and enjoyable - and the colors of the walls in your home do a lot to make your home just the way you want it. Every year the paint companies issue a list on what they expect to be most popular that year; Pantone, the most renowned of these, says the wine-dark Marsala will be the color of the year.

Studying the colors in fashion can be a job unto itself; but Pantone has taken it upon itself to guide us in this as well. For spring, the palette is more light and airy, with light blues, turquoises and spring greens, to delicate pinks, golden oranges and an absolutely gorgeous royal blue. Again - being successful in finding the right color of clothes is as much a choose your own adventure than anything else. Try something new - a color you normally wouldn’t like, but might actually fit you wonderfully.

Color and trend are extremely important in the web world, as well. One of the major trends for this year? The bigger, the better. In these web designs, there is a simple but captivating photo - and one or two words across the front, with very little navigation to clutter the picture. Scrolling is a big one as well - whether you scroll down or from left to right, the forepart of the content scrolls at a slower pace than the background - making for a wonderful effect.

Bright, colorful and almost fantasy-like web designs are becoming more and more popular as well. These sites are automatically engaging (who doesn’t like a good fairy tale?) and indulge the kid in each of us. With their primary color palette and comic book illustrations, these designs are captivating and enchanting.

No matter what design you desire for your website, Pallasart Web Design can assist you in fulfilling your dream for a new website.


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