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Facebook Testing Smaller Font In News Feed

No, it's not your imagination. No, you are not losing your eyesight. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is in fact testing a smaller font size on their users' News Feeds;

The blog reports that many users have taken to Twitter to complain about the recent switch. Note, Twitter uses a larger font on its website's feeds.

Perhaps Facebook thinks they can fit more content on the page if they make the font size smaller. But the consensus from reading comments is that the font size is probably too small now.

People designing websites should be aware that there are many different monitor resolutions that effect whether something is perceived as too small or too large. Fonts viewed on a lower resolution laptop may appear larger than the same site viewed on a higher resolution desktop monitor. The goal is always to find a good middle-ground size.

Reportedly you can compare the 2 sizes -- the main "News Feed" currently shows the smaller size, while feeds on individuals' profile pages stil show the larger font size.

IMHO the new font size is too small, and I hope they change it back.

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