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Comparing My Results to GEDMatch

I was amazed when I took my raw DNA test data from and ran it through GEDMatch. My Eurogenes K36 and other tests showed amazing information won't give you - by Bob Atchison

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Last year I took the DNA test when they were running a special offer under $100.00.  The test kit came fast and had my results faster than they had promised, in around two weeks.  I had been very excited to see my results - I had heard so much about DNA tests and family ancestry research.  There were some interesting TV shows that showed how people had used to them to discover hidden secrets about their family origins.  I got an email from saying my results were online to view.  This is what I saw:

The Results of Bob Atchison's Test

As you can see above tiold me I was 57% Scandinavian, 32% British Isles, 8% Eastern European and 3% Uncertain.  I had expected more information and was very disappointed.  This breakdown didn't tell me very much and was very general.  I complained to and asked for a refund, but had no response.  I also asked for my raw results.  Again no answer.

I read online that had promised to give us our raw test results in early 2013.  In March 2013 announces results were available.  I found this out online while reading an ancestry related blog. says they don't believe their members want their raw results or more information beyond the type of general breakdown you see above.  I say, that's hogwash!  Anyway it isn't easy to download your raw results - first you have to find the link and then go through a bunch of steaps to download them as a zip file.  You can find the link in the gray box on the right side of the "Manage Your Test Results" page.

I downloaded my results and unziped the text file.  Of course it was huge amount of data that meant nothing to me.  Unlike 23andMe, Ancestry will provide no tools to analyze your results.  Again, says they are a low priority to their members.  This is an incredible statement.

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Though reading various ancestry blogs I found out about the Eurogenes K36 test on They allow you to take your results, upload them to their server and get amazing results that told me everything I wanted from the test.  You saw my analysis above, here is my GEDMatch test anaysis from raw data for their Eurogenes 09 test:

Bob Atchison - My GEDMatch DNA Test Results

 Here's that data as text:

South Asian 2.41%
Caucasus 5.02%
Southwest Asian -    
North Amerindian + Arctic 0.80%
Siberian 0.34%
Mediterranean 24.64%
East Asian 0.06%
West African 0.13%
North European 66.61%

I think that's amazing - GEDMatch gives you lots of diferent opinions to view your results. You can see that test picks out my Native American ancestry.  Crowing Rooster Tuskingo Shoe Boots, a Chief in the Cherokee nation was my forth great-grandfather, while Pochantas, Princess of the Powhatans was my ninth great-grandmother.  This test gives me .80% North Amerindian, which seems to be the right amount for that ancestry.

Here are my results from the Eurogenes K36 test which gives more data:

Amerindian -    
Arabian -    
Armenian -    
Basque 0.97%
Central_African -    
Central_Euro 9.76%
East_African -    
East_Asian -    
East_Balkan 1.90%
East_Central_Asian -    
East_Central_Euro 5.70%
East_Med -    
Eastern_Euro 3.17%
Fennoscandian 11.94%
French 5.70%
Iberian 8.77%
Indo-Chinese -    
Italian 8.22%
Malayan -    
Near_Eastern -    
North_African -    
North_Atlantic 16.16%
North_Caucasian 0.25%
North_Sea 22.37%
Northeast_African -    
Oceanian -    
Omotic -    
Pygmy -    
Siberian -    
South_Asian -    
South_Central_Asian 2.05%
South_Chinese -    
Volga-Ural 1.47%
West_African -    
West_Caucasian -    
West_Med 1.56%

Before my family came to the USA my ancestors were mostly Scots - English (both with roots in Norway) and Irish - Norman.  Both tests reflect that.

Here's my EUTest results - this shows my European mixture in a different way.  I think DK stands for Denmark and NO is Norway:

1 English 43.97%
2 South_&_Central_Swedish 26.43%
3 DK 18.82%
4 NO 5.40%
5 Sardinian 3.14%
6 Gujarati 1.11%
7 GE 1.11%
8 West_&_Central_German 0.02%
9 Kalash 0.00%
10 NL 0.00%

You can take the results of their various tests and create a really cool matrix of different ways to interprete your ancestry.  I highly recommend the GEDMatch system.  If you use it be sure to donate something to their work.  The system is free.

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Bob Atchison