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Choosing Colors for Luxury Websites

compare our test in white, black and gray

Here I have created three images showing the same items and text on a white gray and black background.  I had to change the text colors a bit because white text and black text would not show up on the same colored backgrounds.  It is very important that the right background color is selected for luxury websites.  The right background color can be determined by what you are selling.  Watches, diamonds, paintings, luxury decorative items all look different on different colors.  Fonts are also easier to read in different colors.  When you are designing your site be sure to do a test like this to see how it looks.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does the color affect the way your items look, does it make them richer, appear more valuable?
  • How easy is it to read the text - in large and small text?
  • How well do the background and font colors correspond with the keywords that describe my brand?


A test for luxury sites in white The White Version

Here is our sample image in white.  You can see the egg very well and you can use a shadow. Black text shows very well, while gray text is very elegant.  Lighter text - see the yellow - is difficult to read.



A good choice for colorful items; items with subtle colors and pastels.  Good for colored stones, not so good for diamonds. Can make silver look cheap.




here's a version with a black backgroundThe Black Version

See how different it looks with a black background?  See the sharp edge of the egg against black.  Colored text really jumps and is more subtle at the same time, while the white text can look jagged because of the contrast.


bold - strong

A good choice for colorful items; not good for items with subtle colors or pastels.  Good for colored stones, great for diamonds. Great for silver or steel items.




Here's the version with a gray backgroundThe Gray Version

Gray is an excellent choice for items with white in them. The egg stands out against the background and the shadow is visible. Colored text looks good, while white text is hard to read - unless you use a darker shade of gray. Edges of text look good against gray because there is less contrast.



A good choice for colorful items; items with pastels can fade away or look dirty.  Good for colored stones, great for diamonds. Great for silver or steel items - looks subtle shine pops.

I hope this has been helpful - it's always easier to compare using actual examples.  Give us a call to talk about your own site objectives - whatever the type of site you are looking for.  You can call us at (512) 469-7454 - we're based in Austin, Texas.

Bob Atchison

Austin Texas Web Design