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Amazon and Texas Close to a Deal

No sales tax in exchange for Texas jobs

Business handshakeThe Austin American Statesman is reporting a possible deal between the State of Texas and Amazon over online sales tax.  Barry Harrell reports that Texas is negotiating - and may be close to a deal - to create 5,000 jobs and invest $300 million in the state.  In exchange Amazon would get a 4 1/2 year exemption from levying sales tax against online sales for customers in Texas. Let's hope most of those jobs are created in Austin.

I have great sympathy for local retailers who have lost revenue to online sellers - like Amazon.  On the other hand, nothing can slow the retailing revolution.

I buy from Amazon for the incredible convenience of ordering 24/7 and having everything delivered to my front door - at great prices.  However, nothing online has replaced the fun of browsing and looking at thousands of books at a store like Half Price Books on Lamar here in Austin.  I split my book purchases 50% between them and Amazon.

I buy virtually all of my newly published books from Amazon.  I read the New York Times Review of Books every Sunday and then head to my computer to order new and interesting things I find there.  Another thing about Amazon I like is I can pre-order lots of books on history and archaeology from Amazon, even a year in advance.

Bob Atchison

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