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5 Practical Design Tips from Timothy Corrigan

The world famous designer shares his philosophy

Timothy Corrigan interior1. Don’t scrimp on upholstered furniture - well-made sofas and chairs will last for many years and if you select a classic silhouette it will never go out of style. Be willing to pay a little extra for long-term comfort. It’s also important that the upholstery fabric you select for seating should feel good to the touch, so that it invites people to come and enjoy the room. There are many beautifully designed fabrics that just aren’t that great to sit on, so, when choosing a fabric ask yourself would you want to sit on this with bare legs!

Timothy Corrigan interior

2. Good antique pieces hold their value over time, so you can think of them as another  form of investment! Unlike mass-produced showroom furniture, antiques bring a unique quality to a space and often don’t cost any more than a new sport-bought equivalent.  Besides all of that, antiques are the ultimate green product,  as no new resources are used to produced them!

Timothy Corrigan interior

3. Don’t be a slave to your furniture: wherever possible use fabrics and materials that are living-friendly so that you don’t have to worry about every spill or stain. There are more and more great outdoor fabrics options available than ever before! Think about giving your indoor wood furniture a coat of marine varnish so that you don’t have to worry about every glass of water left on a table.

Timothy Corrigan interior

4. Mix things up in your home.  Put together materials that you would never expect to go together: steel and silk; rough-hewn wood with polished cotton; nubby burlap with highly lacquered Macassar ebony. It’s the mixture of textures, style and periods that make a space feel fresh and interesting.

Timothy Corrigan interior

5. Always focus first on how you want the room to work for you- get the basic furniture plan right. Then add in the comfort and décor. You have to start out with the right plan before you address how it looks. What good is it to have a beautiful room that you never use?

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