10 key components to build a successful online business

5. Desktop, Tablets or Smartphones

Before you start layouts for your new website, consider what devices your customers will be using to access the site, and what activities they will be performing via those devices. Not all activities are done on smartphones  The vast majority of puchases of professional services, style and food products are done on desktops or tablets - but mobile shopping is continuing to grow.

The limited size of smartphone screens is still the number one factor limiting their usefulness, but devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 have larger tablet like screens. The small virtual keyboards make filling in long forms difficult. We recommend businesses who want smartphone versions of their websites to limit their expectations on how consumers will use them.  Your smartphones users will look up basic information on your company - like contact information and directions.  Smartphone apps with specific functionality are a specialized business endeavor.

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