10 key components to build a successful online business

3. Choose the Right Fonts

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Since last year we have been using Google fonts for new websites that we build. Google offers around 600 free fonts that can be programmed into your website.  Font selection is a part of your brand identity.  Serifed fonts are often chosen by companies who want to project a strong, traditional or trusted identity. Non-serifed fonts are perceived as modern and contemporary.  Within serifed and non-serifed fonts there are a wide range of choices that each have their own unique ‘voice’. Some fonts are friendly and more ‘open’ than others.

Readability is a critical factor that cannot be overlooked. You will want to test fonts in large and small sizes.  Google has a great tool where you can test drive text in various sizes and view alternate styles.  When you’ve made your selections you can download the fonts and use them in programs like Photoshop.

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