• X-Cart Customization with Flexy and Smarty Templates

    We can help you customize your X-Cart shopping cart platform to achieve the look and feel you want. The older X-Cart Classic (4.x) system uses Smarty templates and the newer X-Cart 5 uses the Flexy template engine.

    While we generally program our shopping carts from scratch in PHP, we also have experience in working with prebuilt shopping cart systems like X-Cart and Magento.

    Since X-Cart is built in open source PHP, we can also program custom modules to add extra features to your website.

    Note that X-Cart Classic (4.x) and X-Cart 5 are very different, and if you desire to upgrade from the older version to the newer version, both data and design / custom functionality migration will be required. The data migration is fairly straight forward via a CSV export and import. Whereas, the design and custom functionality migration actually requires a reimplementation or reprogramming of all the changes and customizations from scratch.

    Our company can help customize and implement your design using the new X-Cart 5 system (or the X-Cart Classic system), and we can reprogram any custom functionality from scratch in PHP.

    We recently completed an X-Cart Classic website redesign for a consignment company in Austin that uses the ReCommerce module from Resaleworld. We redesigned the home page and added multiple custom sliders and extra easy to use functionality! Visit the new Design With Consignment website for an example of our work.

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