• Enthusiastic Ongoing Technical and Marketing Support

    Training and Marketing SupportCustomers often ask us if we'll be there for them after their website is completed and deployed.  We've all heard the horror stories of web developers who suddenly vanish or reports of days (or weeks) waiting for returned phone calls or answers to email messages.  Support is important and enthusiastic support is a true blessing.  We don't charge for service and support. 

    Pallasart offers 30 days of free changes for every website once it's done.  If we make a mistake we'll always fix it free of charge.

    Training and support are free as long as you need it. Unless you are using your administrative dashboard on a daily basis it's easy to forget how to do things.  The interface is extremely easy to use, but it's like riding a bike; it maybe take a few minutes before you get your bearings and reacquaint yourself with the tools and how they work. Staff changes mean you have new people who have to come up to speed on your website's management.  That's why ongoing service and support is so important.

    Our service does not just involve technical training.  After your site is launched we'll continue to work with you to maximize the benefit of organic SEO factors built into your site and provide ongoing marketing support - all of these are critical success factors.

    At whatever stage you are in the development process, please call us to discuss your project, we would love to hear from you and to have the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with you.

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