• No Monthly Charges - Service and Support are Always Free From Pallasart

    One of the things that people like most about Pallasart is that we provide totally free service and support virtually forever.  We have customers who have not spent a dime with us in years and we are still helping them with their websites, training people giving advice.  Why do we do this?  It's because we see our customers like family.  It's one of the reasons we get such great references. We invite you to visit this page and learn more about some of the things you'll experience when you are a Pallasart customer.  Here's a list of stuff - the free goodies!

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  • We Build Amazing - and Affordable - Websites for Small Businesses

    websites for small businesses2018 is going to be a year in which many small businesses are going to see gangbuster growth in sales.  There are a large number of small businesses in the Austin area and across the USA that want to benefit from the growth of the economy .  A recent study reported 160,000 businesses in our area that do not have paid employees. Many are freelancers in marketing, advertising, design and even small scale manufacturing - producing hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, body lotions, paintings and fabrics. We have special services and pricing for these types of businesses.Pallasart Business Graphic

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  • PHP Programming Utilizing Latest HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Techniques

    Looking to build a dynamic database driven website? Our team of full stack programmers are experienced in the latest programming languages and skills, like PHP MySQL,HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AJAX and JavaScript.  We have two PHD programmers on staff who can build anything you could want or desire in a website. We do big to small programming jobs and we invite you to contact us for a quote.  Our rates are less than half of anyone charges in Austin.  How can we do that? Because we don't use any contractors. Call us today and tell us about the technical specifications of your next web project.

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  • Beautiful Websites That Auto-Fit on Everything - From Smart Phones to Big Desktops

    Responsive Website Design - PallasartToday Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an essential requirement for all new sites.   RWD is now the best way to design and program websites that look great on any device, from smartphones to smart TVs.

    If Responsive Web Design is new to you, don’t feel bad, you’re with the majority. Getting a responsive website should be your number one online marketing goal.  Every site we build uses RWD and they auto-fit on all devices from smartphones and notebooks to pads and big monitors.  Do you need your website converted?  Read this article then call us at 512 469-7454.Pallasart Hummingbird Farms

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  • Amazing Graphics & Logo Design for Leading Edge Websites

    Pallasart Innovative DesignsTake a look at our portfolio to see some of the visually rich and creative websites we have built for customers in Austin and around the world.

    Why do people choose Pallasart and why is our company the top rated Austin design company? The number one reason is our dynamic graphic designs. What's the first thing about a site that makes a web visitor say yes or no to your product? Graphic design.

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  • Grow Sales with Flexible - Powerful Shopping Carts That Are Easy to Manage

    Pallasart Shopping CartsYou can sell anything online in 2018. Pallasart shopping carts are easy to manage, can handle millions of products and have lots of marketing features you'll love. Get the latest innovations with PInterest and Facebook integration, Instagram, social media, embedded product videos and ultimate cross-selling between brands.  All the shopping carts we build are responsive and fit on everything. Read this article to learn more and call us to discuss selling online - we are here to help and explain your options.  You'll be glad you chose a Pallasart e-commerce solution.Pallasart Online Shopping

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  • Just Getting Started on the Web - We're There to Help You!

    Is this you? Many of our customers are just starting out on the web and need help setting up domain names, selecting a web-hosting company, establishing a mailing list and email, etc. - all the sort of things a new website needs to get going.  We're there to help.  We have become the top-rated Austin web design company not only for its creative side and programming genius, but also for our experience in how to organize the initial set-up of your business on the web.  This article will outline many of the things we do for web newbies.  After you have read it call us at 512 469-7454 to talk about your plans on the web.

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  • Search Engine Optimization - Targeted for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Pallasart search engine optimizationEverybody wants to be on top of the first page of search results. How is it done? SEO - Search Engine Optimization - continues to be one of the great mysteries of the Internet. For most, SEO is like the Bermuda Triangle. You enter, but do you ever come out? This service article might be a good place to start to learn how web design companies implement effective SEO strategies.   Give us a call to see what we can do for your business on the web.

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  • Want Your Website Built in WordPress? No Problem - We are the WordPress Experts!

    In addition to custom PHP web development, Pallasart has extensive experience working with a wide variety of content management systems including WordPress.  Many customers come to us for work on a website that has already been built in Wordpress.  Other clients specifically want their new website built in WordPress.  We know WordPress backwards and forwards - and can help you understand your options.  Call us at 512-469-7454 and we can discuss your WordPress needs, the costs and development time.

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  • Real Estate Agents Sell More With Our MLS Listings Tools

    Attention all real estate agents in Austin and across the USA!  If you want to build a real estate website, it is advantageous to integrate property listings from your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). You will need to subscribe to an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) feed from a 3rd party service that allows for integration. Our programmers can then help you with the integration.

    Read this page to find out all the details.

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  • See a Great Pallasart Website Makeover Comparison

    Here's a great example of a Costa Rica coffee roaster who needed a makeover to showcase their products on the web. They have a store-front in Costa Rica and roast their coffees outside Austin, Texas. This is project we finished in late February 2015.  It's a dramatic contrast from the original website to the new one we designed and programmed for them.  The Sunburst Coffee website has been running perfectly ever since. You can see a side-by-side of the before and after.

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  • X-Cart Customization with Flexy and Smarty Templates

    We can help you customize your X-Cart shopping cart platform to achieve the look and feel you want. The older X-Cart Classic (4.x) system uses Smarty templates and the newer X-Cart 5 uses the Flexy template engine.

    While we generally program our shopping carts from scratch in PHP, we also have experience in working with pre-built shopping cart systems like X-Cart and Magento.Pallasart Programs x cart

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