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Our home is - and always has been - Austin, Texas.  Pallasart has been in business since 1996 which means we have years of experience developing websites.  We've come from diverse backgrounds.  I started Pallasart after many years at Apple, where I led the team that created the first web-based travel booking system, one which later became Yahoo Travel. I came to Apple in the 1980s from the travel industry and was involved in tech initiatives with airline companies like United and American. Apple also brought me on board because of my background in fine arts.  I created the Apple Museum of Tomorrow where I was an evangelist for Apple technology at museums like the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

We have built our Pallasart team to include writers, designers, and programmers who share a common vision and mission.  Walt Neuschaefer, our Chief Technology Officer, has a background in entertainment, law and programming.  He came to us from one of the top talent management companies in Hollywood and has been with Pallasart for more than ten years. Cristian Ciobanu heads up our technical production team with a PHD in programming from a leading university.

People ask where our name came from and there's a story behind it.  We founded the company with the goal of combining smart technology with great design.  It's a combination of Pallas - one of the names of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom - and Art.

Bob Atchison
President and Creative Director

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