60 x 43 in   154 x 108 cm
Egg Tempera on Wood
About 1409
Andrei Rublev
State Tretiyakov Gallery - Moscow

This ikon was discovered in deplorable conditions along with ikons of the Savior and St. Paul in Uspenie na Gorodke Cathedral in Zvenigorod.  They originally were a part of a great Deesis tier of the ikonostasis of the Cathedral of the Nativity in the Savvina-Strrozevski Monastery.

Despite its huge size the ikon is painted with great tenderness and delicacy.  The jewel-like colors,  elegance and humanity are all attributes of the style of Andrei Rublev and this ikon has been attributed to him.

The Archangel turns and bows in deference toward Christ.  He is dressed in pink and blue robes and holds a red wand.  His tunic is banded in gold, studded with jewels and pearls. On either side the Angel's top wings are painted in gold ochre with red details and gilt highlights.   His lower wings are painted in three shades of blue.  Michael raises his left hand in supplication to the Savior on behalf of humanity.

Photo credit: Deutsche Fotothek, Dresden

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