37.25 x 31.5 in    95 x 80 cm
Egg Tempera on Wood
Early 14th Century
National Museum, Ohrid

The Virgin sits beneath an ornate baldachino draped with bright red drapery above and gold bordered indigo drapery behind her. Blue columns with curious cherubs frame her gildwood bench.  Mary is dressed in a rich deep purple maphorion edged in gold which is elegantly draped over her dark blue dress.  In her hand she holds a red skein of yarn....  the Archanglel has come upon her while she is spinning wool  The figure of the Virgin is royal and stately, her slippers are of a crimson color reserved for Byzantine royalty  Her shoulders and crown of her head are set with the three stars which symbolize her eternal virginity.

The Archangel is dressed shades of gray, white and gray-green and he He holds a golden staff.  and his brown and blue wings are touched with gold highlights.  Gabriel strides strongly forward and reaches out boldly towards Mary.

The poses, strong modelling and vibrant colors give the ikon an unmistakeable dynamic energy.  A high level of elegance and detail combine to give the ikon both beauty and sophistication.

Photo Credit:  National Museum - Ohrid

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