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About Bob Atchison

Bob Atchison is an icon painter, Russian Historian and Web Designer formerly of Seattle, Washington and now living in Austin, Texas. His interest in Byzantium and icons began when he was 8 years old and read his first book on Byzantium called "The Fall of Constantinople". In second grade he made a 100 page long "Joshua Scroll" relating the experiences of he and his classmates in Constantinople which was illustrated with panoramic scenes of the Great City.

Wanting to create his own Byzantium at home, Bobby Atchison painted the walls of his bedroom with life-sized saints and angels. He created his first icons when he was 9 and opened his own 'Byzantine Museum' in his bedroom. Not having any Byzantine artifacts of his own, Bobby created mosaics, crosses, sculptures and reliquaries to stock the exhibit cases in his room. He created his own guidebooks to his 'collection' and issued free tickets to kids in his neighborhood. Little Bobby was both curator and docent for these exhibitions. Growing up his fascination with Byzantium also extended to Imperial Russia.

Today as an adult Bob continues his interest in Byzantine studies and painting icons. He has travelled to Istanbul and other parts of Turkey on a number of occasions.

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