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Much hyped iPad Missing a Few Key Features

With the initial version of the much hyped Apple iPad being delived to stores and customers, highlights a few key missing features that you should be aware of before rushing out to make an impulse purchase (assuming iPads are actually instock at your local Apple store):

The highlighted missing features include:

1) SD slot -- without the ability to easily add storage later you must choose to buy the more expensive higher storage capacity models at the outside

2) USB port -- without this standard connector, you are more limited in your ability to add peripherals like external keyboards or cameras -- you will have to buy Apple specific products that use Apple's proprietary connector

3) Replaceable battery -- there is no ability to swap out batteries if needed. One must plug the unit in and charge if the battery runs low.

4) Adobe Flash -- Lack of flash support means that content on many websites will be inaccessible to iPad users. This currently prevents users from enjoying popular video sites like

The article suggests that many of these features were intentionally excluded from the iPad in order to force users to buy content and peripherals directly from Apple at higher cost points.