• Just Getting Started on the Web - We're There to Help You!

    There are many decisions to made when you are establishing a new business on the web.  Some of these can be confusing for newbies who are afraid to make mistakes starting out.  Pallasart is here to help in getting you set up on the web from the very beginning.

    We can help you select the right domain names for your business along with the right hosting company and pricing for the appropriate plan based on your short-term and potential long-term needs.  If you have a preferred hosting company already chosen Pallasart can help you configure the set up to support the databases and functions to be embedded in your future site.  There are a number of factors to be considered - such as bandwidth and responsiveness - that Pallasart will help explain and assist you to making the right decisions.

    Pallasart Services for NewbiesFrequently we are asked about setting up email and we are happy to show you how to get set up with the addresses you want and learn how to manage changes and additions as you go forward.  We can also provide guidance in selecting a bulk emailing service, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.  A bulk emailing partner is critical if you are planning to send out mass email campaigns and want to avoid potential spam penalties.

    Payment systems like PayPal can be a mystery to a new web business manager.  We can help you to understand your merchant system options and the advantages of one approach or system over another.

    If you are not sure what to do don't worry - just call Pallasart and we'll be happy to help.

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