It’s Monday, March 19, 2018 in Austin, Texas

Wrigley Fields Picks Pallasart for Fifth New Site

Cubs Rooftop Tickets site about to launch

When we show our portfolio to potential new clients they are always surprized to discover that Pallasart has built a number of sites for Wrigley Fields.  About a month ago they selected Pallasart, an Austin web design company, to build a fifth site for Cubs Rooftops in Chigago. Pallasart built a ticket purchasing system for them and fans and corporate customers can buy tickets online and check in at the gate with bar codes.

All of the sites have embedded video, slide shows and other features to convey the excitement of the Wrigley Rooftops experience.  Below is an image showing the new design, which is about to be implemented online.

Our sincere thanks to Wrigley Rooftops for choosing us once more to produce a site for them!

Bob Atchison

Cubs Rooftop Tickets