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Top Twitter Trends of 2010

Today Twitter released it's list of top Twitter topic trends of 2010:

After analyzing 2.5 Billion tweets posted so far in 2010 ,here were the top trending topics according to Twitter:

Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010
1. Gulf Oil Spill

2. FIFA World Cup

3. Inception

4. Haiti Earthquake

5. Vuvuzela

6. Apple iPad

7. Google Android

8. Justin Bieber

9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

10. Pulpo Paul

Interestingly I had to Google two of the top trends to even know what they were:

#5 -- Vuvuzela -- the annoying horn sounds that were ubiquitous throughout the FIFA World Cup soccer matches.

#10 -- Pulpo Paul -- the psychic squid that correctly predicted the outcomes of the Germany FIFA tournament matches -- who also died in the fall.

So in case you missed any of the 2.5 billion tweets posted this year, each of 140 characters or less, let me summarize:

  • 30% FIFA soccer
  • 20% natural disasters
  • 20% tech toys
  • 20% tween topics
  • 10% visually stunning movie

In other words, you probably didn't miss much!

A fuller list of top Twitter tweets divided into categories appears here: